How To Stage Your House for an Open House

Using my home staging pointers will get your home sold faster in Bronx. Go! Real Estate, Inc. can help you create a welcoming feeling that makes buyers to want to stay — permanently. Give me a call at 1-718-863-8778 and I can help stage your house to sell.

Sell quickly in Bronx with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 1-718-863-8778Expert home staging is an established technique utilized to sell a house here in Bronx. Some advantages to home staging include less time on the market and higher bids. And you should certainly try professional home staging if you need a fast home sale.

Staging your house in Bronx, New York is all about marketing a lifestyle. You want buyers to imagine themselves calling your house "home". You want them to see your present house as their future house.

Staging your property for an Open House doesn't have to be a problem. It can turn into a fun and creative activity. Together, we'll work to get a high offer for your home's sale. Start with these home staging tips and you'll see that your home spends fewer days on the market after listing:

Curb Appeal Checklist

Curb appeal is your only chance to make a strong first impression on buyers from a street perspective. The good and bad features that jump out at buyers form their first opinion of your house and how you upkeep house's regular maintenance.Understanding this helps us to decide what we can do to entice buyers from the street and into your house. If your home's exterior isn't as neat as possible with refreshed paint and bright greenery it's time to get those things done. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and raise your home's final selling price.

Welcome Home Checklist

Sell quickly in Bronx with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 1-718-863-8778 Does your home seem to say, "This is Your Next House" to a buyer? Examining your property from a buyer's view, I'll recommend adjustments that improve Open House appeal. I'll suggest that you put in storage anything that gives the look of clutter. Tabletops should be free and clear. Kitschy sculptures, sentimental items, family photos, and play time artwork should get stored away too. You need to give mass appeal to the home so buyers can perceive it as their new house.

I know exactly where a room's best features are and how to highlight them. Enhancements that directly impact your dollars include easy-to-fix items like furniture pieces that should be removed, rooms that need fresh paint, carpet that needs steaming, fixtures that need polishing, and windows that need washing

Working together, we'll make sure your house has mass appeal and that it's friendly, steering clear of "offensive" or "can't-work-with" hues on the walls and furniture. And if the house is empty, you can think about borrowing furnishings. The goal is for your house to look ready to live in as opposed to cold and deserted.

Setting the Stage

At every showing, we want to engage the buyer's senses. Brightening up each room is critical, so we'll do things like open curtains and add lighting where needed to welcome the buyer. Together we'll enhance the mood of the house with enjoyable music to listen to while guests take a walk-through of your home and ensure a pleasant fragrance flows throughout your house. We'll include cozy-looking bedspreads, and pillows on your chairs and bed. Buyers should feel like your home has the potential to be.